Short Term Accommodation(STA)

Mercy Homecare’s Short Term Accommodation (STA)  experts assist you in navigating the process and complexities of accessing housing that fits your needs and requirements for day-to-day living.

Our specialist disability accommodation gives our clients the independence to live in a premises that is specifically designed to support people with disability, offering the supervision of daily tasks to help clients live as autonomously as possible while building and improving on their skills.

Additionally, Mercy Homecare will allocate dedicated and personal support to help with personal tasks and preparing meals. Furthermore, our experienced staff can equip you with the tools to further enable clients to be more important at home. Our accommodation options include shared housing and multi-unit complexes to serve both the client and the important people in their lives, both individually and in group settings.

During our planning meeting, our experts will consider your current circumstances and needs, understand your goals and independence, and garner information from your healthcare professionals to ensure a best approach. Reach out to our friendly team at Mercy Homecare to ensure we can find a best fit for you.

Mercy Homecare (STA)  experts provide a number of different types of independent living options which include:

  • Decision making, daily planning, and budgeting
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Meal preparation, cooking, and healthy eating
  • Undertaking household duties such as cleaning and laundry
  • Maintaining connections, friendships, and relationships with family and friends
  • Getting ready for the day and other personal care tasks
  • Integrated living
  • Community-driven with access to further NDIS assisted schemes
  • Individualised support program
  • Available group activities and supportive community

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