Mercy Homecare offers a team of dedicated and highly experienced Speech Pathologist’s who are committed to assisting you or a loved one in your Speech Pathology journey. Our one-on-one sessions are highly tailored to achieve best results, and additionally can be conducted with a family member for additional support.

Speech Pathology is an evidence-based practice which assesses a client’s baseline and tracks each session methodically to carefully measure improvement. Mercy Homecare understands that Speech Pathology may be confronting, which is why we come to you in the comfort of your familiar environment such as your home, or for pediatric patients, in their school or another preferred location.

Speech therapy aims to assist clients in finding their voice. Mercy Homecare focuses on client wellbeing, dignity, and self advocacy. Our client’s choice of treatment, and how treatment is implemented is important to achieve the best outcomes. Our compassionate and supportive Speech Pathologists are highly experienced and are committed to ongoing theoretical learning and continued development.

Mercy Homecare Speech pathologist’s provide a number of different types of treatment options which include:

  • Early intervention
  • Literacy development
  • Stuttering treatment
  • Speech and articulation therapy
  • Home/school/kindergarten visits
  • Recovery from cognitive injury or illness
  • Swallowing and eating
  • Spelling, reading, writing, and grammar
  • Telling and recounting stories
  • Interacting with other children

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