Mercy Homecare understands that getting to appointments can be difficult, and sometimes not possible; it’s why Telehealth has become a significant service of ours to ensure healthcare remains as accessible and equitable as possible for our clients, particularly in the current climate.

Telehealth has an important part to play in our delivery of healthcare, and has now become a permanent part of Australian primary healthcare delivery. Not only does it offer a safer alternative to face-to-face services, but it places a greater emphasis on the delivery of healthcare over the phone and via digital platforms.

Mercy Homecare’s Telehealth services offer real-time visual and audio delivery of healthcare between our services and clients. It can be used to plan and deliver therapy services which are carried out with the use of your smartphone device, and has been found to be just as effective as face-to-face appointments all while removing the need to commute from your residence. 

While it is not a replacement for traditional face-to-face consultations and healthcare delivery, it is an alternative option carried out by Mercy Homecare’s primary allied health experts. Telehealth has many benefits to our clients by easing travel and commute times, improving convenience and lowering costs, and it assists by removing the spread of illness. It can be conducted from the comfort of your own residence, at a time that suits you.

Mercy Homecare Telehealth experts provide a number of different types of Telehealth services, the benefits include:

  • Provides low-risk urgent care for clients
  • Convenience for our clients 
  • Removal of limitations 
  • Equitable healthcare for all 
  • Reduces Spread of Illness
  • Easy Follow-Up
  • Cuts Costs by removing the need for transport 
  • Maintenance of continuity of care and routines
  • Highly beneficial to high-risk and vulnerable groups 
  • Reduced wait times

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