6 Telehealth Benefits

Telehealth is a digitally powered communication method that enables us to connect with an allied health professional on call without physically traveling to their facility. The implementation of virtual visits has been beneficial for people living with disabilities – Telehealth services in Australia have been used for various needs such as assistance with primary care, therapy sessions and counselling.


Telehealth service is a part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme assisting those who require healthcare under challenging times like today. Telehealth in Australia has positively impacted the lives of people living with disabilities.


To use the Telehealth service, an NDIS participant must ensure they have assistive technology such as an iPad, Tablet, Desktop or Laptop. Telehealth is jam-packed with a flurry of benefits. Let’s take a look at six key benefits of Telehealth in Australia and how you can use it as a participant in the NDIS.

1. Accessibility and reach

With the increasing shortage in allied health professionals today, Telehealth services comes in handy because it allows for easy access to allied health professionals. It expands the participants provider network so it allows participants to have more flexibility in terms of choice and control.

Telehealth has arrived as the long-term solution; now, rural and metro-based NDIS participants can quickly get access to the best allied health professionals if they cannot leave their premises whether they are self-managed, plan-managed or NDIA-managed. This Telehealth tool can easily be used by all those who need a diagnosis or, in times like today, assistance with COVID-related allied health services.

2. Improvising healthcare

Telehealth assists in improvising the healthcare system quality, specifically in situations where the doctor cannot be reached and getting to the hospital may be complex. People can use this technology to treat acute conditions in the comfort of their homes and help improve the delivery of service.

Telehealth in Melbourne and Australia has played a significant role in assisting those that need to access health practitioners remotely, many ER visits have cut down because people do not have to travel to consult health practitioners. They can make great use of the easily accessible use of the Telehealth service.

3. Telehealth service to accommodate 

Telehealth is designed for people who face complexity in commuting from one place to another. It can be pretty stressful for someone who’s living with a disa bility may find it difficult to visit their allied health professionals, it isn’t ideal for them to leave the comfort of their home. That’s where Telehealth services come in. Telehealth in Australia is the perfect solution in such situations! Seek out the care you need and deserve through the Telehealth service.


4. Updated technology

With the advancement in technology and the times we live in, health-related technologies are becoming more prevalent. Now there are so many ways to get examined and engage an allied health professional, such as using videos and laptops. How convenient!


5. Save money!

When allied health professionals run Telehealth meetings online, they end up reducing their overheads and which allows them to offer low prices due to reducing operating expenses.


6. Regular consultations

Telehealth is a convenient service that is appealing for NDIS participants – in the slightest case of unease – they can end up booking a session online. Regular consultation has resulted in the improvement of healthcare.

So, what are you waiting for? Make use of this system today and take advantage of the benefits it provides. Book a Telehealth session with an allied health professional today!


If you’d like to learn more about Telehealth services in Australia, contact us today.